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Beware of False Friends: Reflections on TIME’s praise of ‘The Protester’

Last week Time Magazine announced The Protester as its person of the year. Celebrating individuals fighting for equality and democracy around the world, this year’s most important person followed in the footsteps of facebook founder and entrepreneur extraordinaire Mark Zuckerberg … Continue reading

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How to Draw Capitalism? Iconography and the Occupy Movement

Last Wednesday the Creative Resistance Research Network hosted the first ‘How to Draw Capitalism‘ workshop at Occupy Finsbury Square. Sat in a circle as the sky drew dark and air turned cold, a dozen occupiers huddled around a splattering of … Continue reading

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Evictions Build Resilience: Lessons from Past Protest Camps

“We have given the women a reasonable amount of time to make their protest, but they are trespassing and they must go.” -Cyril Woodard, Chairman of the Recreation and Amenities Committee Newbury Weekly News, Greenham, 21 Jan 1982 “Now is … Continue reading

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Protest Camps: A Great British Tradition

On the steps of St. Pauls Cathedral last Saturday, hunched over a cup of tea, the grumbled disdain of a British protester could be heard, “Here we go again, borrowing from America.” Yet while the Occupy movement may have started stateside, … Continue reading

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Place-based Protest: A Theory-Slam on Occupy Wall St

This protest is place-based yet does not seek to claim place as property. It enacts a ‘reclamation of space’ yet not in the form of confrontation or taking back. It is not a means of defence against colonialist theft, damaging … Continue reading

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Reflection on the London Riots

The Youth of the Middle East rise up for basic freedoms. The Youth of London rise up for a HD ready 42″ Plasma TV #londonriots Top Tweet, Day six. Despite the onslaught of corporate, independent and citizen media analyses saturating the … Continue reading

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