Past: The Spatialities of Protest Camps

PAST EVENT: Double Conference Session: The Spatialities of Protest Camps (RGS-IBG 2012)

Gavin Brown along with Anna Feigenbaum and Fabian Frenzel, orgasnised  a session at the Royal Geographical Society (with Institute of British Geographers) Annual Conference at the University of Edinburgh (Tuesday 3 July 2012 to Thursday 5 July 2012).  The session was sponsored by the RGS-IBG’s Geographies of Justice Working Group. An archived call for papers can be read here.

The spatialities of protest camps (1)
Chair: Gavin Brown  

The ‘camponomics’ of OccupyLSX
Anna Feigenbaum (Richmond, the AmericanInternationalUniversity in London)
Fabian Frenzel (University of Leicester)
Patrick McCurdy (University of OttawaCanada)

Territories of the Occupy Movement: Autonomous Tendencies and Spatial Strategies
Sam Halvorsen (UniversityCollegeLondon)

 From Tahrir to the world: the camp as a political public space
Adam Ramadan (University of Cambridge)

 Protest and the Cosmology of Political Access in Bangkok
Benjamin Tausig (New York UniversityUnited States)


The spatialities of protest camps (2)
Chair: Anna Feigenbaum

Non-Stop Against Apartheid: practicing solidarity outside the South African Embassy
Gavin Brown (University of Leicester)
Helen Yaffe (University of Leicester)

Counter global networks in situ; social relations and the production of diverse economies at Faslane Peace Camp
Ashley Dawkins (Royal Holloway, University of London)
Hugh Crosfield (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Climate Camp Cymru: Convergence space and the potential of mutable particularisms
Lewis Winks (Independent Researcher)
Sophie Wynne-Jones (Aberystwyth University)
Kelvin Mason (Cardiff University)
Larch Maxey (University of Plymouth)

Illegality and the Right to Representation
Tone Huse (University of Tromsø, Norway)

‘The anarchists challenged the police to a football match; as the police failed to turn up the anarchists claim victory’: Entangled relations, convergence and emotion at the Hori-zone Eco-Campsite, Stirling, 2005
Andrew Davies (University of Liverpool)

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