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An (Anglo) Video Round-Up of the ZAD direct action camp

The ZAD protests have received little in the way of mainstream media coverage, particularly outside of France, despite being the biggest Euro-Zone action camp in history. Citizen, independent and social movement journalists and documentary filmmakers are filling up this unsurprising … Continue reading

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Protest Camps Hosts Roundtable to Announce its contract with Zed Books

Before the Arab Spring, our work on the transnational history of protest camping was generally regarded as “too niche”, or “quirky activist stuff for idealists”. But by April 2011, as Tahrir Square became an international sign that perhaps another world … Continue reading

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Occupy LSX Day Six: Excerpt from a Social Media ‘Scrapbook’

Day Six at Occupy LSX  Brought students from my uni. They were full of questions, the kinds of questions that make you smile and stumble, rambling over words. Where there is at once so many points to make and a … Continue reading

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