Protest Camps Wins Research Grants

The Protest Camps research collective is delighted to announce the award of a number of small grants to help fund our interviews with protest campers and archival research trips. Here is a round-up of our successful springtime proposals:

Occuprint Poster Distro

  • Patrick McCurdy received a Start up Grant for ‘Mediated Civic Cultures: A pilot study of the Occupy movement’ that will focus specifically on Occuprint. This award came from the  Faculty of Arts, University of Ottawa and is worth $5,000.
  • Fabian Frenzel was awarded a grant from the Research Development Fund of the College of Social Sciences, Leicester University, for the proposal  ‘Protest Camps Research’. The grant, worth £1500, will cover a collective writing retreat prior to our Protest Camps Workshop, and some of the workshop costs as well as the presentation of research findings in a panel on protest camps at the Royal Geographical Society annual conference in Edinburgh in July 2012.
  • Anna Feigenbaum won the Meardis Cannon Fellowship, in the amount of $750, to support archival research for the project, “More than Just a Mud Hole:  Protest Camps and the Legacies of Resurrection City.”  Anna will travel to the African American Collections of the Manuscript, Archives, & Rare Book Library at Emory University this summer.
  • Anna Feigenbaum will also be taking up fellowship for the 2012-2013 academic year at the Rutgers Centre for Historical Analysis, Rutgers University. As a fellow on the ‘Networks of Exchange‘ project, she will examine how the circulation of people, objects, ideas and affect come to constitute new material formations of protest camps across time and place.

Resurrection City, Washington D.C. 1968

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