Protest Camps featured by the Canadian Centre for Architecture

Second day of Occupy L.A., by Harold Abramowitz

CCA Says “The Protest Camps project, by Anna Feigenbaum, Fabian Frenzel, and Patrick McCurdy, looks at an increasingly visible typology of struggle in uprisings and social struggles around the world, from Tahrir Square to Syntagma Square, and from Puerta del Sol to the parks of Tel Aviv and New York City. It will soon be a book.

What makes protest camps different from space-based forms of dissent such as demonstrations or marches are their attempts to create sustainable and ephemeral infrastructures. Working out of a collaboration with artivistic in the Summer of 2011, the Protest Camps project adopts and develops the term ‘promiscuous infrastructures.’ These infrastructures for daily living and collective action are frequently generated autonomously from existing built environments, so campers might build DIY sanitation systems, communal kitchens, educational spaces, performance stages, as well as media, legal and medical spaces.

We asked Anna Feigenbaum to explain what the project means by ‘promiscuous infrastructures.'” Read our response at CCA Recommends

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